we are more than staffing

Find highly qualified candidates with specialized expertise in multiple verticals.


contract staffing

Achieving greater recruiting tempo, consistency, productivity, enforcement, and decreased costs by relying on the resources of specialist contractors by controlled hiring systems or multinational project in-sourcing services.

direct hire

To recruit passive applicants, discover alternative potential streams and to reduce the probability and expense of recruitment, using our direct hiring, contract-to-work, or RPO models. Our RPO program is 100% customized to your requirements and, if appropriate, we will provide unbundled talent management packages.

Payrolling/Agent of Record

Make sure that our e-payroll systems maintain tax and labor law enforcement cover self-identified talent securely and officially. Make use of our expertise development, redeployment, and product alignment frameworks to enhance the engagement and retention of our applicants.


Our tailored approach blends management experience with innovative technologies and procedures to optimize the efficiency of pipelines and new employees while growing expenses and lease time. The tailored approach ANC INC. is built to operate within our current architecture and, at the same time, to provide a positive applicant experience and a clear employee value proposition, in accordance with the priorities and objectives.


Private Talent Communities

Using the innovative framework for talent pooling and a pro-active recruiting program of ANC INC. to deliver memorable assessments. Customers increase their time to employ, their selection of recruits, and their expense per recruiting reduction.

Public Digital Technologies Cloud

Business competition outweighs the expertise required in certain strongly desired IT groups. The talent-based approach of ANC INC. enables consumers to leverage pre-vetted tools ready to be implemented immediately.


Employers are no longer limited to the skills present in the sector. The own talent management system of ANC helps companies to create and improve capabilities to suit their particular recruiting needs.


CWM Solutions

The breakneck pace tends to grow with contract labor and overall asset acquisition approaches. The continuously testing boundaries are global talent networks, crowdsourcing, interactive and contract services, and several other different business offerings. Ensure that the current services are strengthened now with established knowledge and skills.

Freelancer Aggregation Solution

Talent platforms and networks are growing and virtual models are increasingly fostering the expansion and popularity of freelancers. However, many organizations are struggling with compliance with the law and effective sourcing methods. freelance aggregation approach offers effective cataloging, communication, and control of freelancers by integrating white-glove operation, the industry’s leading risk reduction, and innovative technologies.

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